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Our book  A Little Off  by Jim P. is now available!

A Little Off   is:

"... a distillation of one man's experience and reflections, refined over decades, which manifests a unique understanding and appreciation of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. The casual approach is sometimes lighthearted, but never loses sight of the serious consequences of alcoholism. This interpretation of AA is not for everyone, but if it works for you, you will know it. Whether you are a member of AA or not, this book will change how you see the AA program. It may even provide you with a blueprint for living at peace in an increasingly chaotic world."

Available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle and large print editions! For a complete list of the various editions (with ordering information) use this link to the author's website:

A Little Off

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You may also download a copy of A Little Off  at no cost. This version does not come with a cover and it lacks professional typesetting, but contains the complete text found in the purchased editions. You may download it by completing this little math problem:

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